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Weraporn Werapong was principal of Wat Phosamrarn (Phaikard) School—a primary school in Sing Buri, Thailand—when she took the flexible learning course on ICeXCELS Thailand during its second run. Weraporn was part of Class 4 under flexible learning tutor Dr. Ester Raagas. Inspired by learnings gained from the ICeXCELS course, Weraporn introduced changes and enhancements in the school she served. Among these changes were on the teaching styles of teachers and on the learning styles of students. On the teaching styles of teachers, Weraporn encouraged them to use multi-media technologies for their class lessons. Initially, Weraporn had difficulty convincing the teachers to adopt this new style in their teaching. Eventually, however, the teachers saw the positive impact of using multi-media technologies so they adopted it. In effect, the students became more interested in the lessons and were more motivated to learn.Aside from this, the students were also winning in inter-school competitions. It was clear that the changes helped improve the teachers’ competence and raise students’ achievements. The parents of the students appreciated Weraporn’s leadership even more because of these. Weraporn also worked to improve on her instructional supervision. She realized that as school head, she also needs to be a coach, a guide, and a trainer for the teachers, and for the students, as well. Her initiatives were geared towards achieving quality education by providing expert guidance to the teachers, and by responding to students’ needs so they will be successful and active global citizens. Weraporn was likewise eager to grow more with the application of the principles of transformational leadership. She knew that she needs to be a strong role model (idealized influence), communicate clearly, and provide inspiration. She devised ways to cultivate positive relations with the stakeholders in the community to gain support for school activities and development projects. Through these improved relations and despite the school’s limited budget, it was able to improve its facilities and acquire new teaching-learning resources, among others. Weraporn believes that quality education goes beyond the boundaries of the classrooms. Thus was her belief when she started working on the “tom-tom” recreation of a historical drama regarding the Bang Rachan heroes of Sing Buri. Weraporn worked on the project for almost a year and it won the school many gold awards in various competitions held in the central and eastern parts of Thailand. Weraporn challenges other school principals like her to be “open to new approaches (in gaining) knowledge, and introduce innovations.” She further suggests to “integrate knowledge and experiences to improve yourself, your team … and your students for them to live a happy life.” As a general rule, Weraporn believes that her role as school manager and leader allows her the opportunity to be a futurist. She works hard to provide the drive and the vision to create, innovate, and motivate for the betterment of the school, the teachers, and the students.




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