Nueve de Febrero Elementary School in Mandaluyong City, National Capital Region is headed by a principal, with two assistant principals, 97 teachers, and 13 non-teaching staff serving more than 4,000 students. One of the assistant principals, Mr. Crispin A. Mejica, or, simply Crispin, was contented to take the back seat and let the principal perform most of the leadership functions. However, Crispin‘s leadership paradigm and attitude changed when he attended the fourth batch of DepED eXCELS (Excellence in Leadership for Southeast Asia) III. He was part of Class 30 under Mr. Robbie Macalde as flexible learning tutor. Crispin realized that as school head, he also has instructional leadership roles and functions to fulfil, and that quality instruction and an enhanced curriculum should be his priorities too.

Hence, after graduating from the course, Crispin proposed a technology-driven classroom instruction that would provide more creative teaching methodologies, heighten pupils’ interest in learning, and afford them access to the rich knowledge and information in the web. Very aptly, Crispin called his project, “ICT Integration Curriculum Enhancement Program.” He also included in this Module 2 course work the enrichment of the curriculum for Elementary Science and Health for Grade 3; and Elementary Mathematics for Grade 5. The focus of the Elementary Science and Health was on operationalizing concepts on people, animals, plants, matter, energy, earth, and sun; while that of Elementary Mathematics was on mastery of the concepts and operations of whole numbers, fractions and decimals, exact and estimated computation of four fundamental operations on rational numbers, and apply the concepts learned in solving problems.

Crispin’s proposed project was congruent with DepEd’s ICT4E (Information Communication Technology for Education) program, which uses the latest technology to help improve education in the country. Hence, his proposal was readily approved by authorities. With the implementation of the ICT Integration Curriculum Enhancement, absences noticeably went down, especially during e-classroom schedules. As the pupils enjoyed their new learning experience, their attitude and interest in their studies subsequently improved. There was marked improvement in the pupils’ class participation and academic performance.

Today, the school takes pride in having been chosen as one of the two model public schools in the Philippines in the area of technology-driven instruction, employing state-of-the-art information and communication technologies. Crispin now takes to heart his leadership role as assistant principal.

Crispin used to be Teacher III when he was designated as Assistant to the Principal. After completing the ICeXCELS course, he was promoted as Master Teacher I of the same school. He is also currently completing his Thesis for his Master's degree.

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